Could it be that the madman came out of the free sector? Suddenly, the idea suddenly jumped out of Ye Chong’s mind. However, the question only flashed through his mind, after all, this is not a good time to think about it. The space inside the hut was much larger than it looked outside. There were all kinds of utensils everywhere. The bright colors and unique smells of the reagents in the utensils seemed to represent a strange power. The profession of the trainer became more and more mysterious in people’s hearts. Faith was already dumbfounded. It was the first time she had seen such a primitive training tool. There are no optical brains, no fine manipulation instruments, no vacuum incubators, only the simplest glassware. And the reagents here are completely different from those she is familiar with. There are no pure materials, but only various plants and minerals. This is incredible! She was too surprised to speak. She was familiar with the history of the development of culture. Long ago, it was separated from botany and became a more pure discipline. But in front of your own eyes? The cultivation here is still at the botanical stage! “You can use all kinds of utensils here, well, as for materials.” Master Yan glanced at the bags in the other people’s hands and said with a smile, “I think you have brought them.” These utensils are too simple, Feith estimates that Ye Chong will decline, she really can not imagine how to adjust the conditions here. However, to her surprise, Ye Chong thanked her directly: “Thank you!” He’s not crazy! Feith looked at Ye Chong in surprise. Ye Chong took out the brown nut from the bag,plastic pallet containers, and the teacher could not help but be moved: “Brown nut, good thing.”. Ha ha, this should be the one for the Treasure Pavilion. I’ve been salivating for a long time. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good thing that the old guy likes. He won’t sell it anyway, but I didn’t expect it to fall into your hands. With a slight sigh, the words are full of envy. Wang Meng interrupted aside and asked: “Teacher Yan,collapsible pallet box, what is this brown tumor fruit used for?” This question has always been a question of great curiosity to everyone, and everyone has pricked up their ears. It’s a good thing, and everyone knows it, but no one knows what it’s for. Brown tubercle fruit is an extremely rare medicinal material, and such a large one is even rarer. It can be used to make the best wound medicine. Yan Shi introduced succinctly. The best wound medicine is invaluable in the free sector where fighting may occur at any time. There are no high-tech treatment methods in the five star fields and the river crossing star field. The best wound medicine is equal to a life in many cases. It is a good thing that every fighter dreams of. Seeing that Ye Chong did not start, Yan Shi suddenly thought of himself Meng Lang. There is an unwritten rule among trainers that when training reagents, other trainers should not be allowed to peep at them. After all, the trainers of each genre are not good at and proficient in the same thing, and many unique recipes are regarded as treasures. Yan Shi smiled consciously: “Let’s go outside and wait. Don’t disturb his training.” Seeing Ye Chong motioning, Bing clearly took everyone out. In fact, Feith was eager to see how Ye Chong used such primitive equipment for training, but that sentence could not be said, collapsible pallet bin ,drum spill pallet, and finally he had to follow the crowd out of the hut. It is true that brown tubercle fruit is the material for making the best wound medicine, but this is not its only use. Another use of it is to make a powerful intoxicating agent. At the beginning, Ye Chong had fallen on this intoxicating agent, and the madman used it to charm Ye Chong in the blink of an eye. The extremely short attack time makes it a very powerful weapon, and also a defensive weapon for the trainer. But Ye Chong is not looking at this point, but its population effect range, if the dose is large enough, it can form a large area of coma in a very short time. Brown tubercle fruit has a unique smell, leaf weight’s sense of smell is extremely sensitive, just walked to the street he smelled that if there is no delicate fragrance. That’s why he went into the Treasure Exchange Pavilion and got the brown tumor fruit, but he didn’t expect that a brown tumor fruit would be so big. Staring at this brown fruit, Ye Chong carefully recalled in his mind the formula and cultivation method of this intoxicating agent.
ww w . xia oshu m Section 352 Storm (1) The t-xt novel heaven leaf heavy both hands continuously play, each kind of reagent accurately enters adjusts the cultivation bottle, inside the reagent color unceasingly changes, from brown to purple, from purple to red, from red to yellow, then becomes green, gradually becomes the extremely pale blue. When the leaf drops the last reagent, the whole reagent bottle has become clear and transparent. The heart heats up, the water evaporates little by little, and finally there is a white powder left in the cultivation bottle, with the autumn alfalfa leaves bought specially in his mouth. Ye Chong collects the powder very carefully, but the work is not over yet. Ye Chong turns his attention to another cultivation bottle, which contains a black viscous liquid with bubbles constantly rising in it. When there were no more bubbles in the black viscous liquid of the culture bottle, Ye Chong carefully poured out the black liquid inside, which was colloidal as soon as it was poured out. Ye Chong’s face was extremely focused, his slender hands were unusually dexterous, and his precise control of power made him feel like a fish in water. Before long, there were eight more black balls of different sizes in front of him, but without exception, they were as round as beads. This was the powerful intoxicant used by the madman. It had a nice name, “Night Fan”. Ye Chong did not use all of the brown tubercles as “night fans”, but also used a small part of them to make wound medicine. Although there is a therapeutic instrument on the Rock, he knows very well the importance of taking medicine with him when he grew up on the Garbage Star. In many cases, distant water cannot satisfy present thirst. When Ye Chong walked out of the hut, it was getting dark and everyone was waiting for him outside. Seeing him come out, everyone showed a look of relief. Ye Chong worked from morning to dusk,ibc spill pallet, and they waited outside for almost a day. The lunch was sent by Wang Meng, and Feith talked about training with Yan Shi. Faith had no knowledge of the taboos among the trainers here. The teacher was also very interested in this completely different theory of Feith, and the two men talked quite congenially.

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