“It’s just a job.” Shao Qing smiled lightly, then loosened Su Yan’s chin and got up to push the movable table to the wall. Su Yan saw that she did not want to mention it, so she had nothing to say. Shaoqing covered the insulation bucket. Su Yan glanced at the insulation bucket and suddenly said, “The soup tastes good.” “Is it?” Shao Qing smiled. Su Yan looked ahead and pretended to be casual and said, “Are there any more tomorrow?” Shao Qing is stupefied, say next: “that I still send to you tomorrow?” Su Yan snorted twice. Out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of Shao Qing lifting the thermal insulation bucket and suddenly said, “I want to wash my hair.” Shao Qing says: “Good, I go helping you call nurse.” “I want you to wash it for me.” Su Yan raised his chin and motioned to Shao Qing to look at his injured arm. “Didn’t Zhao Long tell you that I was injured because of you?” Shaoqing:.. With a towel on the collar, Su Yan sat in front of the mirror in the bathroom, and Shao Qing stood behind him to dry clean him. Shaoqing felt that rich people would really enjoy it. Even the ward in the hospital was different. It was like a senior suite in a hotel. The bathroom was bigger than the bedroom in the house she shared with Chen Lili. There was also a bathtub for massage. Shao Qing’s technique is very gentle, Su Yan is wearing a hospital gown with blue and white stripes, a head of white foam, a small wound in the corner of his eye that has begun to scab, and the bruises on his face make him look like a delinquent teenager who often fights with people, which is quite different from his usual appearance, but it adds a sense of youth, especially when the hospital gown with blue and white stripes is worn on him. Instead of looking bloated and sluggish, it is very refreshing and stylish. When washing the foam on his head, Shao Qing stood on the side of Su Yan and began to wash from his neck. While washing, she gently stroked it with her hand. Because of her position,mobile garbage bin, her chest was right on Su Yan’s arm. With her movements, she rubbed it gently. She did not realize that Su Yan was lowering his head and his whole face was red. Rinse clean, Shao Qing wrapped Su Yan’s head in a towel and raised it, only to find that Su Yan blushed like a monkey’s ass. Shaoqing thought he was bloodshot when he lowered his head to flush, but he didn’t care. He plugged the plug of the hair dryer into the socket and stood in front of Su Yan to blow his hair. The young man’s hair was particularly fine and soft, like some kind of animal fluff, which felt surprisingly good. Su Yan’s face is more and more red,drum spill containment, Shaoqing stood him sitting, the line of sight is in front of the clavicle below the slightly undulating part, the scale is not big, but let a person restless unceasingly. Su Yan suddenly stood up and startled Shao Qing. It’s uncomfortable to sit. I’ll stand and you can blow for me. As soon as the words came out of his mouth, Su Yan noticed something was wrong with the words, and his already red face turned even redder. Shaoqing didn’t notice it at all, but complained, “You’re too tall for me to blow.” Su Yan’s face was so red that it was about to explode, but he honestly lowered his head in front of Shao Qing and muttered, “That’s all..” Shao Qing thought, is this more comfortable than sitting? Can only comply with the young master’s wishes, so to dry him, the boy’s short hair is easy to dry, coupled with Su Yi’s soft hair, soon dried. Ok Shao Qing said. It was tiring to wash a patient’s hair, wholesale plastic pallet ,heavy duty plastic pallet, and to be careful not to touch his wounds, and he was so tall that she was so tired that she had a thin sweat. The hair that just finished blowing is soft and fluffy, look to feel very good appearance, Shao Qing cannot help lifting a master to rub on the top of his head, laugh very happily: “Really comfortable.” A few lovely beads of sweat oozed from the tip of her nose, her hair was tied in a loose ponytail with a rubber band, and her eyes were curved, sweet and sunny when she smiled. She usually smiles lightly, the corners of her mouth slightly upward is a smile, but rarely so, the eyes also smile curved up, revealing a row of white shellfish teeth, Su Yan found that Shaoqing even teeth are particularly beautiful, arranged neatly, as white as pearls. All right, get out of here. Shao Qing said. Then turn around and walk out. Within two steps, Su Yan reached out and hugged him from behind.
He turned away from the injured hand, put the good hand around her waist from behind, lowered his head, and put his chin just on top of her head, as if he had made a great determination: “Shao Qing..” Shao Qing was stunned and suddenly found that this was the first time Su Yan had called her name. He rubbed his chin against the top of her head and whispered, “Let’s make up.” Shao Qing just wanted to say something, the door of the ward suddenly opened, someone came in, the bathroom door was not closed, just in time to see the door, Shao Qing broke away from Su Yan’s embrace, did not see the moment of light and silence in Su Yan’s eyes. When Su Yi slanted his head and looked over, he saw Shao Qing standing in the bathroom with a hair dryer and Su Yan standing there with an expressionless face. Shao Qing put the hair dryer away and said calmly, “I washed Su Yan’s hair.” Su Yi inevitably thought about what happened to them when Shao Qing wiped his hair last night, and what about them? He controlled himself not to think. Where’s the nurse? He asked. It happened that the young female nurse pushed the door from outside and came in. When she saw Su Yi, she was delighted: “Mr. Su, you’re here.” Su Yi said coldly, “I remember I asked for a 24-hour escort.” Female nurse was stupefied, explain hastily: “Not be…” “I don’t like having my head touched.” Su Yan suddenly opened his mouth lazily and said, “Ah, yes, just now Shao Qing said that she would come to see me every day until I was discharged from the hospital.”. So brother, you don’t have to work so hard at both ends of the company and the hospital in the future, just let her come. Am I right? Su Yan said that he looked at Shao Qing with a smile, but with a threat in his eyes, as if she would die miserably if she punctured him on the spot. Shao Qing looked at the bruises on his face and the arm hanging from his neck, and then said to Su Yi, “Well, I don’t have a job now anyway.” Su Yi did not change color: “Good.” Su Yan walked out, suddenly with a cry,euro plastic pallet, his body tilted, and his left hand pulled Shaoqing’s arm forcefully. “What’s the matter?” Said Shao Qing, supporting him. 。

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