This time, although he is nominally the commander-in-chief, the 20 people can be divided into three waves of people-the strategy group C that has just experienced a blow, the strategy group F that is in the limelight, and the ordinary members who are eager to sign up to visit and study. Tingjiange will leave 2 to 5 places for ordinary members every time it is a large copy, which is also the welfare of the guild. Nan Yi was not surprised by Fang Bin’s indomitable spirit. So Fang Bin smiled proudly at Qian Jiangfeng and prepared to set out with his four brothers. All five of them had strong climbing ropes tied around their waists, and one end of the rope was firmly tied to the pillar of the starting point. This is done to prevent anything from jumping out of the tank and dragging them down. On the other hand, they all filled their guns with bullets, and some of them had special effects on ghosts. So far, it looks foolproof. Five people lined up in a column, led by Fang Bin, starting from the middle of the first line of the ground cylinder array. Fang Bin is not a foolhardy man. On the contrary, he is bold and careful. He takes a step and sweeps around with a gun. In order to avoid an ambush, he also zigzagged in the gap of the ground tank. In this way, he passed the first three lines without incident. Fang Bin breathed a sigh of relief, and his tense spirit relaxed a little. He thought, sure enough, this copy would not brush off too many people in the entry examination-but at that moment, his toes stepped into the fourth line. Suddenly, a cold breath rushed straight from the soles of his feet to his brain,inflatable water slide, making his hair count down all over his body, and he shouted, “No!”! Go back! But it’s too late. From his nearest jar, suddenly jumped out of a group of dark shadows, evil and treacherous, ferocious, instantly involved Fang Bin, he did not even have time to send out a cry for help was swallowed up. The four people behind Fang Bin were indeed the elite of the attack group. They quickly came to their senses from the shock and fired at the shadows. There were screams in the shadows,Inflatable water park on lake, such as the slaughter of the killing field and the howling of the ghosts, but they still did not retreat, and they were about to approach four people. Cut the rope! Nan Yi shouted in the back. After Fang Bin, the team members immediately reacted and pulled out the saber to cut the rope. But the ghost was already wrapped around his ankles. Seeing that he was going to be swallowed up, the team member was quick-witted and simply ran in the direction of the door, hoping to escape. But when he stepped into the fifth row, the mouth of a huge beast appeared on the ground and swallowed him with his weapons! There was even a clicking sound of chewing! The other two teammates were too scared to move when they saw this scene. The ghost immediately came forward to eat, swallowed up both of them, and then, as if satisfied, retracted into the jar. The room was enveloped in a suffocating silence. The girl’s coquettish sob sounded, and everyone looked at each other with a dignified face, but still no one spoke. Until Nan Yi clapped his hands. We have six minutes. He directed. Now everyone immediately look around and report any clues in time! Be careful not to get close to the ground tank! As he spoke, he raised his flashlight and scanned it carefully. Chapter 36 the bottom of ten thousand Buddhas (3). When the whole group was first transported to the wine cellar, inflatable floating water park ,Inflatable outdoor park, they had already made a basic exploration and prediction of the environment with lighting tools. The walls of the room were smooth, with no words or symbols, except for the eye-catching wine vats on the ground. There is no information left on the cylinder head. This makes Fang Bin feel that this checkpoint is estimated to be similar to “whack-a-mole”, as long as the “gopher” from the ground tank is prevented, or the “gopher” is killed directly, the whole staff can pass the customs smoothly. Then he used his own life to prove that the entry examination was not so simple. Now, as everyone carefully explored the surroundings again, almost at the same time, they found the omission just now-the ridiculously high ceiling above them. The wine cellar is large and dark, so the first reaction is always to identify the nearest place. The ceiling of the wine cellar was at least five meters overhead, and after they swept the area above, there was no further illumination. One is that the brightness of the flashlight is not enough, and the other is that Group F set out first. Now, they have taken out the most powerful searchlights from their equipment, shone them on the ceiling, and found that the ceiling of the room was carved with star-like patterns. It’s the Big Dipper! Someone shouted loudly. No, the Big Dipper.
” Tang Chu, who has never spoken until now, has spoken. He turned to look at Nan Yi. And two dark stars. Nan Yi nodded his head. The Big Dipper is familiar to modern people, but in ancient times it was called the Big Dipper, and in folk beliefs it was also called the “Nine Emperors”. In addition to the seven stars of Greedy Wolf, Giant Gate, Lu Cun, Wen Qu, Lian Zhen, Wu Qu and Po Jun, there are two hidden stars, Zuo Fu and You Bi, which are located around Wu Qu and Po Jun respectively. Many people’s minds were immediately opened. As long as you follow the pattern of the Big Dipper, you can go out! “Yes, yes!”! I remember that at the beginning, Brother Fang took an oblique angle and closed the front three stars by mistake! The back was destroyed because of the wrong fourth one! The crowd said in full swing, but Qian Jiangfeng’s words poured cold water on everyone. As soon as he stepped into the fourth row, he was ambushed and did not move forward at all. Qian Jiangfeng gazed at the place where Fang Bin disappeared. If it’s about going in the wrong direction, it doesn’t make sense. Some people are still a little unconvinced. He just went wrong. The fourth Wenquxing should go a little further to the right! In this way, the discussion reached an impasse. Nan Yi looked at the following table. There were four minutes left. He was about to speak when someone beat him to the punch. It’s Xuankong Feixing. Outside the crowd, a girl leaned against the pillar and said lazily. There are nine stars in the sky and nine palaces on the earth. The greedy wolf is one white water, the giant gate is two black earth, the Lu is three green wood, the Wenqu is four green wood, the Lian Zhen is five loess, the Wuqu is six platinum, the broken army is seven red gold, the left auxiliary is eight white earth, and the right Bi is nine purple fire. She did not care whether others could understand or not, so she said a long list like the name of the dish. The Xuankong Flying Star in the girl’s mouth belongs to a branch of geomantic omen. The geomantic omen of Yangzhai is interpreted by combining the direction of flying stars with the attributes of the Nine Palaces and Eight Diagrams,inflatable bounce house with slide, the Three yuan and Nine Yun, the Ten Heavenly Stems, the Twelve Earthly Branches and the Five Elements of Yin and Yang. joyshineinflatables.com

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