A pair of eye-catching people came into the entrance of the hall. The man was wearing a white dress, and the woman was wearing a red V-neck knee-length gauze skirt. They were Jiang Yiheng and Sun Wenwen. Wen Yin looked away coldly, not surprisingly. Sun Wenwen herself is white, rich and beautiful. Jiang Yiheng’s family is just so-so, but he has a very helpful and capable uncle. But it has nothing to do with her. She has made up her mind to break with the pain of the past. She was sitting on the sofa, and they didn’t see her. Smell the sound. Suddenly, a gentle voice called her. Wen Yin turned around and found that it was Shen Yue. He didn’t know where he was before, but he didn’t see him. Senior. Wen Yin nodded politely. Shen Yue, dressed in a beige tuxedo, was gentle and noble. He smiled faintly and sat opposite Wen Yin. Wen Yin looked back at Lu Chenhan for the first time, afraid that this guy found out that he was jealous. Lu Chenhan did not look here. Shen Yue drank a cocktail, his expression was not as regular as usual, with a little helplessness, “I’m going abroad.” “Going abroad?” Wen Yin was surprised. “Don’t you go abroad after finishing high school?” “It was arranged at home.” Shen Yue smiled bitterly. That Wen Yin hesitated for a moment. “Where is Ji Meng?” “That’s why I’m looking for you,” Shen Yue whispered. “She’s kind and timid. I’ll trouble you and Lu Chenhan to help her more in the future.” Wen Yin nodded silently, “We will.” Shen Yue did not speak for a moment. Smell the sound. A voice suddenly appeared behind him, which startled Wen Yin. Wen Yin turned his head, Zhou Ziyi lay on the back of the sofa behind her, with a look on his face that he was anxious to see the world in disorder, and said with a smile, “Turn your head and look at Brother Han.” Wen Yin felt a chill in his heart and looked at Lu Chenhan, who was coming here step by step at the moment, his eyes cold and his whole body cold. Senior Shen. Lu Chenhan sat beside Wen Yin like a piece of ice,Slate Wall Panel, looking at Shen Yue’s eyes very pressing. Shen Yueshu smiled lightly, “I still have something to do, you talk.” Lu Chen coldly stared at him to leave, and then turned to look at Wen Yin, eyes dangerous. Wen Yin quickly explained, “He asked me to take care of his girlfriend with you.” One sentence not only explained the origin of Shen Yue, but also explained the relationship between her and Shen Yue, eliminating the possibility of Lu Chenhan being jealous. Lu Chenhan’s expression softened a lot and asked in a low voice, “who is his girlfriend?” Wen Yin answered obediently,white marble slabs, “Ji Meng.” Lu Chenhan was completely relieved, “Oh, that can be taken care of.” Zhou Ziyi sat lazily on the sofa. “I’m bored to death. If I didn’t know you would come, I’d rather play games.” Zhang Yao also came over at this time, life is worse than death collapsed on the sofa, “to such a party, I think to live ten years less.” Zhou Ziyi gloated, “You are the only baby in your family. You can continue to suffer.” Several people are chatting casually, Jiang Yiheng and Sun Wenwen came together, smiling and saying hello, “Good evening, seniors and seniors.” They had a grudge against Wen Yin and Lu Chenhan, and no one paid any attention to them for a while. But hearing the sound, he gave a cold hum, which was also a step up. Apart from Jiang Yiheng, Sun Wenwen has kept a low profile since the video incident, Porcelain Marble Slabs ,grey marble slab, concentrating on her studies and even doing good deeds, which is much better than Duan Feifei’s appearance of not knowing whether she is alive or dead. When the atmosphere was in the doldrums, a voice full of insolence sounded in the hall, “Oh, brother, is this your girlfriend?” Chapter 38 ambiguity. Hearing the sound and looking along the sound, I saw a face that looked like Lu Chenhan, younger, with a conspicuous yellow hair, an earring in his left ear, and a little evil in his insolent and wanton smile. Lu Chenhan’s face was cold, his eyebrows wrinkled, and his eyes narrowed with displeasure. Zhou Ziyi, who used to laugh frivolously, stopped laughing and his face was unusually cold. Zhang Yao also twisted his eyebrows into a Sichuan character. A little boy can bring such an effect. Wen Yin was a little puzzled, and in his heart he was somewhat afraid and did not open his mouth to explain. In her previous life, she was not familiar with Lu Chenhan, nor did she know the existence of this teenager. Look at this situation, this teenager should be the child of Zhou Ziyi’s mistress. Get out of here. Zhou Ziyi, who was the first to open his mouth, probably because both of them had a little “bully” breath on their bodies, and the same kind of people especially repelled each other.
Teenager sneers, “I talk to my brother, it’s none of your business!” “Never mind, let’s go.” Lu Chen got up cold and pulled up Wen Yin. Zhou Ziyi and Zhang Yao got up to follow. Hey, “the young man stopped Lu Chenhan with a smile, and his eyes fell on Wen Yin wantonly.” At least the whole family won’t introduce me to my future sister-in-law? ” Teenagers repeatedly misunderstood their identity, and no one came forward to clarify, Wen Yin was ashamed and annoyed, and was about to open his mouth. Lu Chenhan looked cold, slowly grabbed the young man’s collar, tone unusually cold, “Lu Chenchuan, I warn you, do not provoke me.” “How can a family be said to be in trouble?” Lu Chenchuan smiled more maliciously and looked at Wen Yin, “Sister-in-law, see you next time.” “What are you doing?” Lu Hao came over with a black face. “Can’t you two brothers behave yourself and not embarrass me?” Lu Chenhan released his hand coldly, and Lu Chenchuan patted his collar in disgust, as if to pat off something that was not clean. Take care of your son. Lu Chenhan said to Lu Hao coldly. Lu Hao was so angry by this sentence that his face turned green, and was about to open his mouth to scold him when Lu Chenhan pulled Wen Yin out. Jiang Yiheng and Sun Wenwen, who became the background board, were very angry, but there was nothing they could do. Walking into the elevator, Lu Chenhan’s face was still very bad. He looked at Wen Yin and said, “If you see him later, don’t pay attention to him.” He frowned and changed his words. “No, you’re with me in the future. Don’t act alone.” Wen Yin thought of the young temperament, the heart was afraid, obediently nodded, and a little confused, “but why did he deliberately do this?” Lu Chen smiled coldly, “he likes to rob things and people I like.” Wen Yin’s ears were red,Pietra Gray Marble, and he was a little worried. He pursed his lips and was silent for a while. He promised earnestly, “I will avoid him.” Speaking of which, why did he come? Haven’t you been here for years? Zhang Yao opened his mouth doubtfully. I do not know Lu Chenhan frowned.

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